Women's Woven Natural Flats


Brand Mohinders

Mohinders Woven Flats are meticulously handmade with water buffalo leather and a durable, flexible natural crepe rubber sole. Versatile, comfortable, and breathable; ready for everyday outdoor wear. Always have a pair by the door, and watch as your life gets just a little bit easier. 

Full-grain leather produced in small batches in India 
Cushioned footbed 
Natural crepe rubber sole 
Cavani hand-weaving creates a durable, non-adhesive bond between upper and midsole 
Made by highly skilled, fairly-compensated artisans


FIT  |  Go a half or full size down. I'm a pretty true women's size 7 with slightly wide feet, and wear a size 6 in this style (they widen as much as they need to for your foot shape). Friends who are half sizes go down—if you're a 9.5, order a 9. 

BREAK-IN  |  Can take just a day or around a week. Try our tips below to speed up the process.

TRY THESE TIPS  |  Run warm water over your bare feet. Without drying your feet, wear your new Mohinders around the house. Or, spray the insides well with a mix of 50/50 water + rubbing alcohol and take them for a spin.

 Solid Flats + City Shoes 

 These should feel very tight and stiff at first—they soften a lot. It’s a good fit if toes touch the end without curling. Don’t be concerned if they feel too narrow, or if there is some heel slip. They’ll soften and widen as needed to fit your foot, and the leather will grip your feet as you walk. 

Read more about this maker — Mohinders.


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