Gardeners Tallow Soap


Hard working hands need a deep cleaning and softening soap like GARDENERS tallow soap.

Saponified local Grass-fed tallow infused with wild harvested calendula, local olive oil, sea salt, activated charcoal from Hawaiian coconut shells, oils of rosemary, myrrh, melaleuca, basil and juniper berry that will help to cleanse and soothe the skin from any cuts, scratches or bumps.

GARDENERS tallow soap is excellent not only for the garden but for use in the kitchen or in the Artist's studio. It takes away food odors, ink, paint, resin, oil and dirt easily! Most plant-based soaps dry out the skin, but our tallow soaps are 100% full fat, meaning they are naturally creamy and lock moisture and softness in.

Forget using harsh chemical laden soaps to cleanse hard working hands, try this GARDENERS Charcoal Tallow Soap and see and feel the difference!

Read more about this maker — Summer Solace

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