Symmetry Facial Care


Symmetry Facial Care Trio: Stomping Ground Herbals Facial Care Trio provides gentle cleansing, toning, and moisturizing all backed by the power of plants. All of our blends begin with farm grown organic herbs steeped to perfection for a full moon cycle. Choose from Balanced, Oily/Acne Prone, Dry/Mature

Contains one 4oz Symmetry Cleanser of your choice, 4oz Symmetry Herbal Facial Toner, and 2oz Symmetry Skin Serum


Symmetry Balanced Skin (Normal/Combo): a castile soap base infused with lavender, rose, rosehips, red clover, plantain, holy basil, chickweed and essential oils of lavender, frankincense, geranium, sandalwood, and rose

Symmetry Dry Skin (Dry/Mature): is a deeply nourishing herbal oil blend for most skin types. We blend sunflower, hemp seed, and hazelnut oils with essential oils of lavender and tea tree. To use, dampen face with a warm cloth. Apply 2 pumps of oil in a circular motion. Apply warm, damp cloth to steam face and wipe away oil.

Symmetry Oily/Acne Prone (Oily/Acne Prone): a castile soap base infused with burdock, rosemary, thyme, activated charcoal, and essential oils of tea tree, rosemary.

For best results, follow with Symmetry Facial Toner and Serum daily with Taming Turmeric Mask weekly!



Our Symmetry toner is deeply nourishing herbal blend infused in witch hazel. It helps soften skin and tighten pores without stripping the natural oils in your skin. Apply it daily to clean face to nourish and tone. 

Lines and wrinkles, be gone! A nourishing blend of calendula infused rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba, carrot seed, chamomile & rose essential oils. Best if used after our skin care regimen, or mixed with a little toner.

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