Eye Cuff Bracelet


Born from a year long fascination with eyes, Madeline Ellis' interest in eyes started when she watched the 14-part documentary Eyes On The Prize a documentary about the American Civil Rights movement create and executive produced by Henry Hampton for PBS. It was eye opening (an understatement) and the theme song "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" at the opening of each episode re-iterated the determined dedication to the movement. She began working on a wearable version of an eye opened and came up with a version she could live with but didn't grab her.

Fast forward a few months and she was given a copy of the book Imagine Heaven It's a wild adventure of a book documenting hundreds of accounts of near death experiences and what their most common descriptions of them. The author dissects near death experiences across culture, time, age etc and finds the overwhelming list of similarities. Consistently they talk about a welcoming figure with eyes of light, beautiful shinning rays of light that draw you in. She couldn't shake it and her old version from her first attempt at an eye just didn't cut it. It was off on an exploration of what blinding light shining like rays from the eye would look like. 

So this baby has a complicated story and kind of has two sets of parents but ultimately it's what it means to you that matters. We hope whatever that is, you wear it well. 

This cuff is adjustable and fits a 5-1/2" to a 7-1/2" wrist.

Handmade by MIMOSA Handcrafted in their south Louisiana studio.

Read more about this maker — MIMOSA Handcrafted.

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