Eland Horn Collar


This collar is inspired by what the Dutch discovered when they began to settle in southern Africa in the 17th century. They called the indigenous hunter-gatherers the San. Awareness of the special relationship between the San and one type of antelope, the eland, has been heightened by rock art research. The Drakensberg Mountains, in Lesotho, contain one of the greatest concentrations of prehistoric rock paintings in the world. The San have noted that when an eland is pursued, it sweats more than any animal; this sweat, like the sweat of a medicine man, is considered by the San to contain the highest power.

This neck piece is formed to lay perfectly on the neck but can be adjusted to fit you comfortably. 

 Handmade in Austin, TX by an all female team of makers.

Finished in 14k yellow white or rose gold with the highest quality luxury finishing.


Read more about this maker — Nina Berenato.

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