British Colonial Style Tonic Syrup


El Guapo created this tonic after thoroughly researching and testing dozens of historical recipes from a time when tonic was more than just synthetic flavoring. Originally created using cinchona bark, tonic was used to prevent malaria. To offset the bitterness of the quinine (a by-product of boiling cinchona bark), sugar was added for sweetness as was citrus for tartness. Various herbs and spices were also included in many of the classic recipes they researched, their favorites of which they've included in their own recipe. 

This British Colonial Style Tonic is incredibly unique and herbaceous. Full of fresh, bright citrus and slightly floral notes, our tonic finishes with a lingering but pleasant bitterness. If you're a fan of proper Gin & Tonics, this will be your bar's best kept secret. Their formula is highly concentrated, which provides both excellent value and flavor. A small bottle (8.5 oz) provides up to 32 single servings while a large bottle (16.5 oz) provides up to 64. 

Gin & Tonic (recipe conveniently written on the label):
1/4 to 1/2 parts Tonic Syrup, 2 parts Gin (or Vodka), 3 parts carbonated water.

Tonic Water: simply add 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz of Tonic Syrup to 3 oz carbonated or sparkling mineral water.

Gluten Free

8.5 oz or 16.5 oz

Read more about this maker — El Guapo.

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