Bee Propolis Drops 1 oz


Propolis is a natural, bee-created residue. The word "propolis" is derived from the Greek "pro" (in front of, the entrance to ) and "polis" (community or city), meaning "before the city" or "in defense of the city".

Adults use 30 drops, 1-6 times per day as needed. Mix into water, juice or your PURE Elderberry Syrup.

Ingredients: Bee Propolis from Louisiana Honeybees, Grain Alcohol (70% by volume), and Deionized water.

No chemical preservaives

Organic, locally-sourced

Gluten-free, vegan, kosher certified

* For a mouth rinse, add 60 drops to a small bit of water and swish as long as is comfortable before spitting.

Propolis is traditionally used to support the body's resistance to microbes and fungus. Bees use propolis in the entrance to their hives. They wipe their feet on the propolis, in the same way we would use a doormat, to ensure the bees do not introduce any foreign pathogen or bacteria into the colony. The propolis traps potential viruses and protects the entire hive.

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