We’re working toward building a better business model where our makers focus on their craft while we devote our attention toward marketing each of them, sharing their stories and growing a larger community.  Makers Workshop is a platform that allows our makers to connect directly to the customer! We’ve invested heavily into logistics to help keep our makers doing what they do best.


Q: Why choose Makers Workshop?

A: We are a small team looking to share your big dream. There are plenty of factors to account for when looking to expand your online presence, but often the storytelling element is left out. We are not only here to expand your business and brand, but to make sure your vision is not diluted in the process.


Q: How do you choose from the vendor application?

A: Truthfully, we are about collaboration. If we feel your business helps to cultivate our community we are all for it. We work to keep variance and also recognize the time frame of the application submission.


Q: On the application it offers help in other areas, how do you do that?

A: We are here to help you out. We can provide product photos, work through product marketing, and provide one-on-one conversations about more curated assistance.


Q:  This is my first time selling online and I don’t have an online store. How will y’all help me?

A:  We’re kind of like the happy medium for ya! You are able to set your own lead times, learn all about shopify, and utilize our simple vendor portal (in fact, here’s a sneak peek of what it would be like here). We want to make sure you don’t feel completely overwhelmed, but are also excited to help give some helpful insight to the whole process!


Q: Am I obligated to sell a certain amount of products?

A: We're flexible on this one but in general, your brand should feel represented by your product assortment. We want you to be set up for success here. 


Q: Will I still have control of my products if I am selling through Makers Workshop?

A:  We are not a wholesale business, so the answer is yes! It is vital to us, that as a maker, you never feel separated from the integrity of your creations. Your products will show up on your maker page as well as our shop page. You also have access to your sales through the vendor portal.


Q: What about collaborations, is that something you do?

A: We love collaborations! In fact, if drop ship is not what you are looking for or ready for, we can also work together to test out new products, rebrand products, or come up with something brand new.


Q: Okay, okay, I’m onboard but how does it work?

A:  Woohoo! If you have submitted your application, we have gotten back to you, then you will receive an email with the information we need and we will get started! You’ll be given your contract, we’ll work through what is going to work best on the site and what assistance you may need, and introduce you to the platforms we’ll be selling with!


Q: So, the kind of awkward part, commissions and fees?

A: We do a 50/50 split. You take 50% of sales and 50% is our commission.


Q: What do you consider hi res photos?

A: we ask for photos to be 1800 pixels wide.


Q: Is there a way to keep up to date with how my products are doing on Makers Workshop?

A: Yes! You are capable of checking up on your own dashboard (sales, order, etc.). Since our bill payment system is online we directly deposit payments, or mail checks if that’s your preference. Our monthly newsletter to the makers also provides a lot of insight to trends and sales.


Q: Contract?

A: We believe in making sure both your business and our business are protected so, yes, we have a 6 month contract term that was created to clearly outline expectations and explain the whole process in detail.


Q: Who is paying for shipping?

A: We offer free shipping to US customers. One small piece of advice, include some cost for shipping in your product’s pricing!


Q: What if there is a return?

A: Customers can return directly to you within 30 days after their purchase and the transactions are managed on our end. We’re just asking that ya help facilitate exchanges for sizes, colors, etc. We would hate to think that a friend bought a gift in the wrong size and there was nothing that could be done. We want to be a place where our customers know they can come for extraordinary service, where they can feel good about what they purchase and keep coming back! We won’t ask you to refund money but, if someone decides they don’t like a product, we can help you sell it on our site! Additionally, we ask that each maker guarantee their products under a maker warranty that protects any defects and guarantee their products beyond normal wear and tear. That was a lot of words, here’s a quick link about the process here.


Q: But, I have more questions…

A: we are always a quick email away!  wholesale@makersworkshop.us