How Does It Work?

Please review this video that gives an overview of how our dropship process, Duoplane works:


Commission & Fees

Our terms are designed with the Maker in mind. Additionally, we like to keep things simple:

  • 60/40 Split. You take 60% of sales, 40% is our commission
  • We split the credit card processing fees on total sales 50%/ 50% (2.75%)
  • In lieu of a one-time setup fee, we ask for product(s) to use for online promotions and giveaways. This helps us generate content and to activate users. Win-win.

Photo & Bio

We ask that each maker submits product photos, logo, and a photo to represent your brand that is 1800 pixels wide. We will also need a simple one-paragraph bio that tells us who you are and what you do.

Reports & Payment

Each maker will have access to their own dashboard that updates you on all sales and orders. Any additional trends and insights will be will be shared in a monthly newsletter to the makers. We use an online bill payment system so we directly deposit payments or mail checks to each maker.

Is there a Contract?

Yes, each maker will be under contract with Makers Workshop. This is to protect both businesses and to clearly outline expectations. Our current term is 6 months.

Who Pays for shipping?

Makers Workshop will offer $3 flat rate shipping to customers in the US. Shipping net costs will be split equally 50/50 between Makers Workshop and the maker. We do recommend that your product’s pricing includes some costs for shipping.


Customers will have the option of returning the product directly to the maker up to 30 days after their purchase. Makers Workshop is asking that the makers make exchanges for sizes, color, etc. We would hate to think that Joe got a ring for Al and it was the wrong size and there was nothing we could do. We want to be a place where our customers know they can come for extraordinary service, where they can feel good about what they purchase and want to keep coming back. So, we won’t ask you to refund the money but, if someone decides they don’t like a product, we can help you sell it on our site! We ask that each maker guarantee their products under a maker warranty that protects any defects and guarantee their products under a maker warranty that protects any defects in the product beyond normal wear and tear.

The return or exchange transactions will be managed on our end and will be factored into each maker’s monthly reporting and commissions.

Here is a quick link to see how returns can be handled through the platform we  use to facilitate them:

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