Smith's Leather Balm can be applied to just about any of your favorite leather goods — boots, shoes, handbags, briefcases, belts, saddles, gloves, motorcycle seats and more. 

  • Start by making sure your leather goods are clean and dry. 
  • Next, test a small amount of Smith's Leather Balm on a hidden patch of leather to preview the results. 
  • Start with a small amount — a little goes a long way. 

We believe that leather conditioners are best applied by hand and massaged into the leather but a rag will work also. Leather is porous and will begin absorbing the natural oils in Smith's Leather Balm immediately. This means that lighter shades of leather may actually darken some. Most leather goods will not darken beyond their original shade and return to a lighter shade in time. Minimize darkening by making sure you start with a very small amount. A little really does go a long way. Reapply Smith's Leather Balm as necessary to restore, protect and extend the life of your favorite leather goods.