Since 2012, Makers Workshop has continued to build a community of side hustlers and full-timers. We exist to create connections and share your stories. Our content is a positive approach to sharing quality work and building support within the maker community. We're opening the discussion for the real stuff because there's someone else out there with a hand up saying, "hey, me too." We're a platform for transparency, engaging conversations about process, tools of the trade and the importance of balance between work and life — leaving picture perfect narratives behind in favor of truth. We're a group of beginners and been-around-the-block-a-few-timers working symbiotically to cause a ruckus, preserve craft and leave it all better than it was before.

Spring 2018, we launched our online store as a way to share the products and brands that continue to inspire our everyday. These quality goods and community are at the heart of what we do and who we are. From the mossy swamps of Florida to the mesquite-lined deserts of Texas and the granite mountains of the west, we've found brands that inspire us and echo the heart of our mission:

To inspire and embrace, to uphold integrity and to seek out quality in everything from our boots to everyday living.

Our team has grown with Paul Claxton as business partner and inevitable voice of reason. (He also drives a sicckkkkk Land Rover Defender)

Lindsey Smith, co-founder, lead hat collector, and ultimate playlist creator.

With more than two decades of retail business under our belts, we’re tuning in and shaping a mindful customer and maker experience. We’re getting radically better, sharing more resources, and making a conscious effort to deliver something unique and functional, that honors a connection with the environment, and that you (and we) can feel good about.

 [xx] Lindsey Smith and Paul Claxton.