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Brand Mailroom Barber Co.

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The Mailroom Barber Co was born on the belief that you shouldn't have to settle for poorly made grooming products that deliver mediocre results. 
In March of 2014, founder Robert Watkins first learned of the reality of human trafficking - that by consuming products with corrupt supply chains, we are contributing to the problem: sources that use underpaid, child, and slave laborers.

At the same time, Watkins was fed up with the cheap, mass-produced hair and beard products surrounding the barbering industry.

As a way to reduce his impact in the growth of human trafficking, supply awareness, and socially responsible products to an irresponsible market, and make products that actually work and last, he started The Mailroom Barber Co, making Pomade and other products by hand, strictly using 100% ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. All products are still made in-house at The Mailroom Barber & Studio in Florence, SC with ethical sourcing and manufacturing being the driving factor.