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Changing the way you eat granola.


Our signature granola crackle is an entirely new granola experience. A light and crispy treat made with unusual spice and flavor combinations that has the versatility and cravibility to follow you throughout the day. Ranging from bright and fruity to savory and spiced, our granola crackle is delicious right out of the bag, the perfect combination with fruit and yogurt or a tasty topping on your favorite dish.

At Made Fare Co., we take a handcrafted approach; our creations are made by hand and slow roasted in small batches. Every single thing we put in our products is authentic. We believe generic chemicals have no place in nature or our foods. We are passionate about health and taste. We build every recipe with all natural, preservative-free and flavorful ingredients.

We also believe in making a meaningful impact in our local communities. It's a value that lives in all that we do as a company and every single bag of granola we lovingly create.