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Imagine a package coming in the mail - you open the carefully creased edges of tissue, reveal a few scattered dried blooms of flowers, and there on an old found postcard is a note. It sounds like an exchange between dear friends. That's exactly what Rodellee Bas of Adored Vintage is doing, she's forming relationships with her customers online and reaching them in a sincere way offline... and it keeps them coming back. Here are a few of her tips on how she elevates every package she sends out to her customers and strengthens her brand. 

Makers Workshop Resources Rodellee Bas Adored Vintage
    1. Offer a special discount code for your customers when you send out their parcels. To keep it even more in line with your brand, make the code a word that someone would associate with your shop/brand/business. If you're a photographer maybe the discount code could be "CLICK"
    2. Include some "swag". I adore dried flowers and flowers in general so I always include a bit of flowers in my packages whether it is in the form of petals from my garden, pretty botanical cards, a postcard with a beloved inspirational quote, or a mini bouquet of dried blooms. 
    3. Keep your packaging consistent. It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to package my orders and some trial and error for getting my supplies, but now that I have it down to the basics, for the holidays I can just add an extra little touch like tissue paper, silk ribbons, or washi tape.
    4. Include a hand written note. Admittedly I don't do this for every parcel, but if the parcel warrants a special note, I will always write one. For instance if the garment used to be mine I like to write something about my memories wearing the dress and I hope the new wearer will continue to add to the story of the dress as the new owner. Also if you know why the item was purchased or who it was for, include a note. I once had a dress purchased for a very romantic reunion and I felt so honored a garment was chosen from my shop to begin the second chapter of someone's love story.

You can see more from Adored Vintage on Instagram & on their website.

Makers Workshop Resources Rodellee Bas Adored Vintage

Rodellee Bas is the founder and owner of Adored Vintage, a company who curates antique, vintage, and vintage inspired items. Rodellee spent her childhood living alongside the pacific ocean in the Philippines and on her grandfather's farm nestled near mountains. Spending her childhood surrounded by nature is the primary influence of her love for its omnipotent beauty, an aspect that largely influences AV. As a young girl she immigrated to the United States with her mother and lived in New York. It was the time she spent with her aunts and grandmother in Vermont that established her love and romantic views of the past. Throughout her life she has worked in fashion and e-commerce (and at one point was a pre-school dance teacher). In the early 2000s she started Adored Vintage and has dedicated her life to it since. Rodellee lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their dog, Robert Redford.

December 17, 2017 by Lindsey Smith

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