Modern Vice Shoes
I've never been much of a shoe fanatic. This can probably be attributed to the fact that I have child like feet (size 5.5) and almost no one stocks my size in shoes. That may all change thanks to New York based shoe company, Modern Vice, owned by the Adoni brothers. This luxurious brand of handcrafted products sources leather from all over the world providing nothing but the finest in details, comfort, and quality.

Thats why, ladies and gentlemen, the limited edition Natalie Suarez + Dylana Suarez JETT bootie is my must have shoe for fall. Not only is it available in 5 gorgeous colors (seriously how do you choose?!) but it's made to last.
Modern Vice Jett Boot

I love this quote from makers Jordan and Jensen Adoni:
To define "vice"---well, there are too many. We all have our vices. Sometimes unwillingly, mostly unknowingly, but most importantly, it's those vices that make us all so unique. Often, these vices make us take things for granted. Beautiful things, that we take for granted.

These guys are getting it right! 

Hop on over to their website for more on their story,photos of their factory, and of course shopping! 

They even have videos on "HOW ITS MADE"swoon.
September 06, 2012 by Lindsey Smith

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