Miranda Bennet Studio Inside the Makers Workshop

Hi there! I'm Miranda, and I'm the founder & creative director of Miranda Bennett Studio. Miranda Bennett Studio is a line of plant dyed, ethically manufactured apparel. We dye, cut and process in-house & sew with local production partners in Austin, TX. I'd love to walk you through the steps behind our process!

Inside the Makers Workshop Miranda Bennett Studio


A major focus for me in building a team is the mission of female empowerment. I grew up with sisters and a single mom. When my project began to grow and it became necessary to ask for help, it was important for me to be intentional about assembling a team where everyone's voice could be heard and each individual recognized. I also wanted to draw upon the wealth of female talent Austin had to offer. 
Every season, we formulate new, naturally derived colors in-studio to tint our collection. Once they are established, Bridget (& now Hannah) have the beautiful challenge of translating sample color batches to commercial scale. 

Inside the Makers Workshop Miranda Bennett Studio


After yardage is dyed & dried, it is sorted, rolled and stored until it is time to be cut for wholesale orders and retail inventory. Liz then lays our fabric out and cuts along our patterns with a motorized blade that allows us to cut up to a one inch stack of fabric.  After Liz cuts the fabric, it is sent to one of our sewing partners, either Amy, Becca or Thang & Sam of Open Arms. 


Inside the Makers Workshop Miranda Bennet Studio


When it is received back at the studio, Nicole processes the retail orders and Kara processes the wholesale orders. Processing entails stamping, tagging, bagging and pressing each individual garment. once its passed its quality inspection, it makes its way to the hands of our incredible customers, who make our mission possible. 
December 02, 2017 by Greta Jines

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